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Piano using 555 Timer

A Toy orgran or electric piano is made using a 555 timer which is used as a Astable Multivibrator that produces a unique frequency 
The 555 timer can produce an output that alternate between off and on states - Dependent on a particular value of the resistor and capacitor fitted in the circuit . if this output is heard in the form of a series of 'bip' sound through  a loudspeaker  then we have the start of a musical note since any note is made up of a series of short sounds repeats at particular frequency
The unit of frequency is the Hertx ( 1 Hertz = 1 cycle of on / off per second )  and so a very rapid on/off is heard as a continuous sound - all the individual sounds merging together.  Different notes  are simply a different number of 'on/offs' per second..  Using this we can arrange for the 555 time output to make a different sound ( a different musical note )  for each key on our mini-piano - if each key is connected to a different combined value of resistor and capacitor.  

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